The 46th Annual Meeting of The Japanese Society for Immunology


Best Presentation Award Winners 2017

JSI gives an award to the superior presenters in the workshop and poster session of the JSI Annual Meeting.
Two awardees are selected in an each category by workshop coordinators and chairpersons.
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1. Hematopoiesis and Immune Environment

Program NoNameTitle
1-G-W13-9-O/PTatsuya Shishido
(Osaka University)
Crucial role of CD74 in hematopoietic cell differentiation
1-G-W13-10-O/PMasashi Kanayama
(Duke University School of Medicine)
Balancing population sizes of myeloid and lymphoid cells by osteopontin isoforms

2. B cells

Program NoNameTitle
3-E-W34-2-O/PHisashi Nomura
(Keio University School of Medicine)
FcγRIIb plays an important role in maintaining clonal ignorance and prevents pemphigus phenotype in pathogenic anti-desmoglein 3 antibody knock-in mice
3-E-W35-3-O/PKei Haniuda
(Tokyo University of Science)
Germinal center B cell development by glycolysis and mitochondrial metabolism

3. T cells

Program NoNameTitle
3-I-W42-4-O/PRyunosuke Muro
(The University of Tokyo)
Control of proinflammatory γδT cell development by linage-specific TCR signaling pathway
3-I-W43-15-O/PMichio Miyajima
(RIKEN Yokohama Institute)
Systemic metabolic shift induced by PD-1 deficiency perturbs brain monoamines and emotional behaviour

4. Helper T cells

Program NoNameTitle
1-I-W18-8-O/PMakoto Kuwahara
(Ehime University)
The transcriptional repressor Bach2 regulates differentiation of pathogenic Th2 cells
1-I-W18-10-O/PMasaki Tajima
IL-10-Producing Tr2 cells Induced by mTOR/CEBPβ Signaling Regulate Hyphal C. albicans Kidney Infection

5. Innate lymphocytes

Program NoNameTitle
3-B-W28-11-O/PGoh Murayama
(Juntendo University School of Medicine)
Role of mucosal-associated invariant T cells in lupus pathogenesis
3-B-W29-9-O/PMariko Kamioka
(The University of Tokyo)
Innate and adaptive immune cells regulate Paneth cell granule formation and α-defensin secretion

6. Dendritic cells and macrophages

Program NoNameTitle
3-C-W30-11-O/PMiyuki Watanabe
(Osaka University)
Early FcRγ-Erk signaling determines cytokine profile of dendritic cells through C-type lectin receptors
3-C-W31-7-O/PAkihiro Kimura
(Research Institute National Center for Global Health and Medicine)
The novel ubiquitin ligase complex, NQO1-PDLIM2 inhibits TLR-dependent production of selective cytokines by degrading IκB-ζ

7. Mast cells & granulocytes

Program NoNameTitle
3-H-W40-21-O/PJun-ichi Kashiwakura
(Hokkaido University)
STAP-2 is an adopter molecule to positively regulate basophil activation
3-H-W40-27-O/PKensuke Miyake
(Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Basophils exert antigen presentation via trogocytosis-mediated acquisition of peptide-MHC class II complexes from dendritic cells (DCs)

8. Allergy

Program NoNameTitle
1-A-W1-4-O/PKoji Hayashizaki
(Chiba University)
Myosin light chains 9 and 12 are functional ligands for CD69 that regulate airway inflammation
2-G-W23-1-O/PKazuhiko Yamamura
(Kyushu University)
The transcription factor EPAS1 links DOCK8 deficiency to atopic skin inflammation via IL-31 induction

9. Cytokines and chemokines

Program NoNameTitle
1-H-W15-9-O/PHironao Suzuki
(Hokkaido University)
RNA Splicing Mediator 1 (RSM1) regulates inflammation via alternative splicing of DNA methyltransferase Dnmt3b
1-H-W16-4-O/PYurina Miyajima
Function of BMP2 and BMP7 produced by ILC2 in the adipose tissue

10. Tolerance and Immune suppression

Program NoNameTitle
3-A-W26-2-O/PHikari Okamura
(Tokushima University)
Single-cell analysis of autoreactive T cells under the control of PD-1
3-A-W26-10-O/PKazuki Kishida
(Osaka University)
Antigen-specific immune regulation mediated by TCR-like antibodies

11. Virus infection

Program NoNameTitle
1-D-W7-8-O/PHaruna Okude
(Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
Induction of cell death by imiquimod (R837) and its role in immune responses
1-D-W8-7-O/PDaichi Yamasoba
(Kyoto University)
Identification of a novel HIV-1 restriction factor which selectively degrades viral transcripts.

12. Bacterial / mycofungal / parasite infection

Program NoNameTitle
1-E-W10-12-O/PKeigo Ueno
(National Institute of Infectious Diseases)
Dendritic cell-based vaccination induces lung resident memory Th17 cells that ameliorate pulmonary infection with highly virulent Cryptococcus gattii
1-E-W9-2-O/PImai Takashi
(Kyushu University)
Glycolipids in group A Streptococcus are recognized by Mincle to trigger host immune responses

13. Endogenous innate immunity and inflammation

Program NoNameTitle
1-B-W3-8-O/PMasahiro Nagata
(Osaka University)
Intracellular metabolite, β-glucosylceramide, is an endogenous adjuvant acting through Mincle
1-B-W4-8-O/PKafi N. Ealey
Mechanisms for the regulation of adipose tissue expansion and remodeling by group 2 innate lymphoid cells

14. Mucosal-Skin Immunity

Program NoNameTitle
2-A-W19-3-O/PDaisuke Takahashi
(Keio University Faculty of Pharmacy)
Microbial fermentation product butyrate Ameliorates Autoimmune Arthritis.
2-A-W19-8-O/PTakahiro Nagatake
(National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition
17,18-EpETE, a metabolite of omega-3 essential fatty acids, inhibited neutrophil mobility and ameliorated skin inflammation in DNFB-induced contact hypersensitivity model

15. Tissue-specific immune diseases

Program NoNameTitle
3-H-W41-13-O/PYosuke Kurashima
(The University of Tokyo)
Mesenchymal-myeloid cell interactions in renal microenvironment for pathological fibrogenic machinery in kidney fibrosis
1-C-W5-1-O/PBen Raveney
Eomes-positive cytotoxic T helper cells: a new pathogenic immune cell subset in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis?

16. Systemic autoimmune diseases

Program NoNameTitle
3-G-W38-1-O/PShigeru Iwata
(University of Occupational & Environmental Health)
IFN-γ-T-bet mediated metabolic reprograming in T helper 1 cellsand its relevance to pathogenesis of SLE
3-G-W38-3-O/PYusuke Takeshima
(The University of Tokyo)
Comprehensive analysis of genome and transcriptome analysis of immune cell subsets in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) revealed mitochondria contribution in B cells to systemic lupus erythematosus.

17. Tumor immunity

Program NoNameTitle
3-D-W32-11-O/PHisashi Kanemaru
(Osaka University)
Basic leucine zipper transcription factor ATF-like 2 exhibits an anti-tumor effect through upregulation of IL-12 p40 expression
3-D-W33-1-O/POkumura Genki
(University of Tsukuba)
The role of soluble CD155 in tumor immune response and metastasis

18. Cancer immunotherapy

Program NoNameTitle
1-F-W11-11-O/PChang-Yu Chen
(The University of Tokyo)
Low-dose HMGN1 synergistically enhances anti-tumor immunity in CD4 depleting antibody-treated mice
1-F-W12-10-O/PYoshino Tanaka
(Hokkaido University)
Dying but not dead cancer cells exert the effect of cell-based cancer vaccine

19. Human Immunology (Immunointervention)

Program NoNameTitle
1-I-W17-1-O/PYuki Hitomi
(The University of Tokyo)
Identification of the disease causal variants in human primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) susceptibility gene loci NFKB1/MANBA

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